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::whispers:: welcome to my channel

parchment paper sounds

the sound of my perfectly manicured nails rasping gently against the parchment paper cutty-thingy

egg yolks being separated from the whites, sensually

the sound of a big puffy whisk against a stainless steel bowl

::continued whiskings::

sugar sifting down into that stainless steel bowl like a thousand of the smallest bells tumbling into the muffle of egg whites at the soft peak stage

the sound of my fingerpads tapping, waiting for the specific acoustics of stiff peaks

::whispers:: the stiff peaks stage has a sound if you listen carefully and I put my mic riiiiight up next to it

and I’m not hearing it

continued waiting

continued whisking

more f%^$ing whisking


::whispers:: sorry guys it might be because of the humidity

feverish whisking that actually no longer sounds very relaxing

::whispers:: I’m so sorry you guys.

the sound of a mic being banged against a fancy granite countertop, followed quickly by the crisp, clear metal clang of a stainless steel bowl hitting a cabinet and the unpuffing, small, breathing out animal sounds of meringue still at soft peak stage hitting the floor all at once.

cakes of Northern Virginia and then some

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